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Online Store Redesign


Month of December may not be the perfect time of the year for a big change but it seems like a right time to do something.

But, what?

Decision was actually spontaneous and made quickly. “Let’s try to revamp more than a decade old online catalog/shop!”

24h later…

Installation of a new platform was quick, out of box layout looks pretty good and basic customization so far is painless. As far I can tell at this moment, little Design Studio on will be run on a new ecommerce platform from the month of January, 2018.

Let’s start populating virtual shelves.

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Illustration – Canada on a Lake

Log cabin & canoe on a lake

Today we are featuring an illustration of a log cabin, a canoe on the shores of a lake and a firepit, all surrounded by the pristine wilderness with an embedded logo into the sunset. Illustration is assembled from a number of our illustrations and blend into a Canadian boreal landscape.

Summer scene of this illustration is featured on the Photos page (link to our website), while the Winter scene featuring the same log cabin on the lake is on the page featuring
Images of Canada (link to our website).

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Snowman Greeting Card


Illustrations inspired by holidays: Design/Illustrations/Holidays

Flags: Design/Illustrations/Countries

An introduction to a Mr. Snowman, dressed in a festive style, on a snowy hill blanketed with national flags, wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Illustration is assembled from a number of illustrations found in our Online store.

UPDATE: Occasionally, in the future, the same Mr. Snowman will wish you a Merry Christmas from a different country on our website.

Christmas cards from your country… (link to our website)