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Online Store Redesign


Month of December may not be the perfect time of the year for a big change but it seems like a right time to do something.

But, what?

Decision was actually spontaneous and made quickly. “Let’s try to revamp more than a decade old online catalog/shop!”

24h later…

Installation of a new platform was quick, out of box layout looks pretty good and basic customization so far is painless. As far I can tell at this moment, little Design Studio on will be run on a new ecommerce platform from the month of January, 2018.

Let’s start populating virtual shelves.

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Family Tree – King’s Warriors

Centuries of history are integrated into family tree “King’s Warriors, 10 centuries later“. Incorporated are symbols that highlight resilience of one nation and sacrifices by defenders of Croatia even 10 centuries after King Tomislav ruled with the kingdom.

Defenders of Croatia, who fought throughout the 20th century, are centrally positioned standing on the white and red squares that are symbolizing Croatian checkerboard.

Family Tree - King's Warriors

Ideally, King’s Warriors family tree can feature up to eight “figures” on the checkerboard and smaller size font allows for as many names to be listed.

Buy here the King’s Warriors family tree layout…

Incorporated symbols are; in the background canyon of river Krka in Dalmatia, an island in Adriatic and a boat in foreground, clouds symbolizing a summer storm, stature of King Tomislav located in Zagreb, statue of Matija Gubec, statue of Ban Jelacic, Church of Saint Marc in Zagreb, Dalmatian dog, words by Napoleon and words by Pope John X written down in the 10th century.