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Service consists of us setting-up on your server bellow suggested CMS that will power your web site and enable you to take a charge of content management, whenever and wherever from you want, as well as to maintain and easily upgrade it on your own.

Your professionally looking web site can be online as soon as you are ready to make that first important step forward, for you or your business. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the process of doing it yourself, or are too busy to do it, have no time to learn how to set-up the web site on your own, maybe our time is all you need.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us with detailed description of your needs.

  • We can install the WordPress as a publishing platform or, read a short article on our Baburek.co web site to learn how to do it yourself.
  • If you purchase a Professional Theme designed for WordPress web site from a theme designer mentioned and linked to in this article on our Baburek.co web site we will install that Theme for you.
  • Articles linked to are from our series on Establishing an Online Presence – “when, what, where, how to do it yourself”.

* Additional expenses are associated with having a website. Those include or may include, a hosting service, domain name registration, SSL certificate, additional plugins or other third party services, etc.


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